Explanation of Church Jobs & Procedures

*Please ask a member if you have any questions.


The 2022 flower chart is now posted. If you are interested in purchasing altar flowers for our sanctuary please sign on the chart in the Narthex. Please call the church office at 582-8557 to let us know how you would like the dedication to be printed in the bulletin for your week. Call a florist to order flowers and choose whether you will pick them up or have them delivered. You are responsible for paying & getting the flowers to the church for your Sunday. *Ask Carolyn Reeder for more specific info.

Grocery Cards: Cards can be purchased in $25, 50 or 100 dollar amounts. Our church receives $5.00 for every $100 of cards sold. Giant cards can be used for gas. Peg Kingsborough has Giant cards and Jane Simonton has Karns cards.These ladies have the cards with them each week at church. Checks are made out to Messiah Fundraising and when you give your check to one of these ladies, they will give you the exact amount in cards.

Simply Giving: This is a way to have your offering deducted from a bank account on a regular basis. To sign up for this, a member needs to complete an authorization form (found in the Narthex) and give it to the Treasurer, Brooks Reeder. Deductions can come from either a checking or savings account and can be deducted on a weekly, semi-monthly, or a monthly basis. The importance of this is for the church to be able to count on offering even if a member misses a worship service. There are Simply Giving “cards” in a basket in the Narthex for these folks to use to place in the offering plate so they don’t feel like they are not contributing when the offering plates are passed around.

Cemetery Association: This is a separate organization from the church but needs church members to operate. The Association sells cemetery lots and is responsible for the care of the cemetery.

Church Council Members: (Must be a voting member of Messiah Lutheran Church Elliottsburg.) Church Council terms are for 3 years. Each year in January the new Council members are voted in. Board Chairmen will carry out the duties of that Board for their term of office. Officers’ Duties: President – Chairperson of congregation & Council, VP – take charge in president’s absence, Secretary – take accurate minutes of Council and Congregational meetings.

Nominating Committee Duties (5+ Pastor): After the October Council meeting, they submit nominees 3 weeks prior to the January Congregational meeting.

Treasurer’s Duties: (May or may not be member of Council but must attend Council & Stewardship meetings): Keeps the books of account of the congregation. Receives all funds from financial secretary & disburses on proper orders. Makes a monthly written report of transactions to Council & ensures that an annual audit is provided to Council and Congregation.

Financial Secretary’s Duties: (May or may not be member of Council): After worship, gathers and counts offering with one other Council Member. Records individual giving throughout the year & gives reports at end of year.

Audit Committee Duties: (3 members each for a 3 year term) Check the books 1 time per year.

Committees of Church Council:

Christian Education – Oversees Sunday School, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School

Evangelism – Encourages inactive members, welcomes visitors, helps with communications within the church and to the public, visits the sick, shut-ins, hospitalized, and is a witness of the faith.

Lay – prays for the church leaders, encourages the pastor, sees to the needs of the pastor, reviews salary & performance, hires staff, follows up on newborns & delinquent members

Property – Oversees maintenance of property, yearly inventory of equipment & furniture, work w/ daycare staff & custodian as they need assistance, coordinate the schedule of activities within the facilities

Social Ministry/Fellowship - Oversee help for those in need within the church and community, fellowship events within the church, church picnic, provide for needs of those using the church

Stewardship - Promote Christian use of time, talents, resources, money, lead members to a higher level of giving. Prepare a budget, oversee all financial affairs, supervise the audit.

Worship & Music – services are held regularly & in approved fashion, direct training of ushers, scheduling of ushers, choirs, materials, instruments, music for worship, altar guild

Youth – promote attendance and involvement of youth, provide growth opportunities for Youth through bible study, prayer and service, schedule activities, Youth Sunday, promote opportunities to work in the community.