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Email: [email protected]           Phone: (717) 582-8557

Office Manager Hours vary.

Financial Secretary - Deb Rock

Office Manager - Danielle Bitting

Treasurer - Bonnie Meisel

***Please note: Danielle Bitting, our office manager, is in the office on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please call 717 582 8557 or email her at [email protected] if you need anything.

Council Members:

Barb Woods - Council President

Pat Kolak- Council Vice President

Deb Rock - Secretary


Lyle Bitting - Property

Amy Lesher - Fellowship and Social Ministry

Jane Stambaugh - Stewardship

Patty Turner - Evangelism

Carolyn Reeder - Worship & Music

Vic Lis - Lay Ministry

Lexie Eppley & Eric Berger - Youth Ministry

Jane Simonton - Christian Education